When Real Reading Isn’t Happening…Four Ways to Respond

January 18, 2017

What does engaged, active reading look like to an observer? What does it feel like to a reader? Too often students think or say that they are reading, but is it “real reading”? I found this article to be a great read (no pun intended) for both teachers AND parents, highlighting specific strategies for responding to students who are having difficulty building stamina and engaging with text for a sustained period of time.

When Real Reading Isn’t Happening…Four Ways to Respond by Ariel Sacks

“The New Year encourages—often requires—a reset of routines and expectations in our classrooms. One of the most fundamental routines in an English or any literacy-based classroom is the practice of reading. So what do we do when we give students a reading task, but we see that real reading is not happening? I’m talking about those moments when it seems like we’re stuck repeating directions, redirecting off task behavior, and even struggling to stay focused ourselves.”

Read the full article at Education Week

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