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What is Core Complements?

Core Complements is a K-6 educational program that nurtures a total grasp of foundational concepts and challenges the traditional tutoring approach of quick tricks and homework assistance.

Our mission is to supplement your child’s school district’s curriculum by fostering out-of-the-box critical thinking and self-motivated learning.


Educational Support & Enrichment

We offer both support and enrichment in K-6 mathematics for all types of learners. Support in math is centered on deeper understanding and a spiral approach in order to fill existing gaps in a student’s mastery of the curriculum.


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Educational Support & Communication

We offer sessions for parents that focus on topics such as student organization, effective tools for communicating with teachers, preparing for conferences, and navigating the educational process.


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Professional Development

We offer educator workshops that introduce tools to maximize teaching potential within curriculum guidelines.


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About the Founder

Heidi Cohen founded Core Complements after an 11-year career in education. Mrs. Cohen graduated from Skidmore College, completed graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and earned her Masters in Education from Manhattanville College. She held a variety of educational roles in Westchester, NY and most recently as a teacher in the South Orange / Maplewood school district, teaching both math and language arts. She also served on her School-Based Intervention Team, helping teachers strategize classroom solutions for students who struggled academically and/or behaviorally.
In addition to educational support for students, Heidi conducts professional development for teachers in the area of k-5 mathematics. Sessions in schools have covered a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, small group instruction, building student partnerships, data collection and analysis, and utilizing anchor tasks and formative assessment.

Mrs. Cohen is a long time member of the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Heidi has also been a contributor to, a website for parents of students with learning and attention issues.


When your child is struggling in school you don’t want to waste time trying different approaches that may not help. Our child went from a struggling, shy student to an engaged classmate that can help other students understand new concepts being taught in class. The benefit of having a teacher as a tutor is invaluable. Heidi is experienced with the curriculum and knows exactly what is expected of the student at every level. We feel confident going to Heidi for advice on academics and having her work with our teachers as a team. She has even helped us balance important issues by guiding us through our child’s academic journey. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Karen, parent of a 5th grader, language arts and math

Heidi has been tutoring both my kids (5th & 6th grade) since the beginning of this school year. While they were both doing well, they didn’t have a lot of confidence or sense of mastery. Within a month they were breezing through homework, getting 95-100s on tests and feeling like they could handle whatever was thrown at them. I don’t even remember the last time they asked me for math homework help. Tutoring isn’t just for kids who are struggling. Heidi pushed my kids to a mastery level and the confidence they both now have in their approach to math is truly a gift.

- Alexa, parent of 5th grader and 6th grader, math

I contacted Core Complements after I noticed my 6-year-old son not progressing well with his reading readiness. I wanted to see if some one-on-one, focused teaching time would move him over a few hurdles that were in his way. Working together with me at home was just adding to his frustration and my stress!
Heidi took the time to listen and understand my concerns, and met with my son even before his first session just to ensure he was comfortable.
I can honestly say that my son thrived during his time at Core Complements. Heidi’s approach was always positive, enthusiastic and grounded with her deep knowledge as an educator. She created specialized lesson plans for him that helped build confidence in his educational abilities while tackling his challenges. He always looked forward to his time with Heidi!
I’ve been really impressed with Heidi and Core Complements – she has my highest recommendation.

- Carrie, parent of kindergartner, language arts

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